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We have been imparting our services across the globe since 2015 and finally, have assigned an official platform i.e. in 2018. We at ITTCA drive you to your target certification without any turns and twists. We try to help individuals succeed in CISCO, PMI, ISACA & many more examinations and help them save their money, time, and other valuable resources.

ITTCA is the medium between Computer Based Test candidates and professional service providers. We provide help and excellent services to enable candidates to write CISCO, PMI, ISACA & many more examinations pass their examinations in just one attempt.

We at ITTCA support candidates who are writing computer-based Test examinations currently and in the future. We are highly customized and flexible to meet your essential requirements. There are several qualities that ITTCA possesses which we are sure you cannot find elsewhere and that is why we are the best.

Passing Guarantee

We ensure first time passing guarantee and liberate the candidate from taking the real exam multiple times.

Our Philosophy

Learn To RealxxTM” is the philosophy we are influenced with, which rejuvenates us to script new success stories every day. It is a way of life and a guiding principle that strengthen our belief to reach new heights. It is a well-tested formula that has brought magical results for us over the years. This philosophy is reflected in our work culture everyday. At ITTCA, we help individuals to achieve as quick as possible because “THE FASTER THE BETTER”.


Are you an IT professional interested in having your certification process dealt with quickly, and without any problems, We are here for you.
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Why Proxy Exam at ITTCA?

The answer is simple – We provide a passing guarantee with extra packs. For example, if “A” is a client of ITTCA And unfortunately, he is not able to pass the exam (chances are >1%) then, not only do we provide the extension until the next attempt, but also the fee of his next attempt is paid by ITTCA

Currently, in the market, there are vendors who will provide you PMP review material or PMP Dumps. By reading those materials, you can attempt mostly 400-450 questions only if the questions are not changed. But if the questions change (which happens most of the time), then you might fail the exam. Another case is of you not remembering those questions properly, you will lose concentration and you will be destabilized.

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